About the Podcast

The Jjohns podcast is going to be about how music effects real life.

We will discuss how different musicians write their songs, so for those listening, it will be an incite into the minds of many songwriters. We will discuss loved musicians of ours and of our guests and we will talk about inspirational people in our lives.

There will be discussions about the local music scene along with which I’m sure will become a beer and night out discussion.

We will also sing some songs with our guests and discuss what they are currently up to on the circuit, and finally we will talk opinions on the current happenings in the music world that week.

County Road Sessions will be a musical journey through the minds of Liverpudlians and beyond and will bring listeners some of the most raw original and covered music our city has to offer. If music, arts and alcohol is your thing then this will be definitely be the podcast for you.